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This Shit’s Easy

Bullshitters aren’t innocent. They bullshit for a reason. If their purposes were honorable, they would be in possession of facts, of the truth of what’s really going on, and they wouldn’t need bullshit. Resorting to bullshit proves dishonesty on a … Continue reading

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Real Holiness

I’m returning to the notion of holiness which, like so many other ideas I’ve thought through, has a genuine, healthy interpretation that our culture has bastardized and perverted. Holiness has nothing to do with the things that people typically associate … Continue reading

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God Is Black — He Told Me So

God is black. If you read translated source material that theological beliefs are built on, or read theologically foundational, authoritative writings like those of early Christianity’s so-called “Church Fathers”, or Augustine, Aquinas, Pseudo-Dionysius, etc., you’ll see that “God is black” … Continue reading

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The Lord

I’m in the process of chipping away the myths encrusting the concept of authority so as to reveal its incoherent core — meaning its essential irrationality. This is just a small chip along the way. Try substituting “the Lord” with … Continue reading

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Evil Bastard

I’m reading Jack Miles’s God: A Biography. His chapter on Job convinces me that: “The Lord” (Yahweh) of the Jews was a psychopath. “God” (elohim) referred to benevolent entities. The “Judeo-Christian” tradition is an amalgam of beliefs that Jesus expressly … Continue reading

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Follow the Blessing

I haven’t posted here for a long time. Christianity per se just hasn’t been much on my radar. Today’s post on my other blog ought to keenly interest Christians, so here’s a link to the article: Follow the Blessing. Here’s … Continue reading

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