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Follow the Blessing

I haven’t posted here for a long time. Christianity per se just hasn’t been much on my radar. Today’s post on my other blog ought to keenly interest Christians, so here’s a link to the article: Follow the Blessing. Here’s … Continue reading

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What’s to be done with idiots? We all know that every trouble of the world is some idiot’s fault. Just ask anyone. Regardless what the problem, idiots are behind it, screwing things up for pleasure, pain, or profit. My lifelong … Continue reading

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Expecting Miracles

A fellow believer took me to task yesterday about the presumptuousness of “expecting” miracles from God in his great response to my post Miracles On the Way to Truth. He and I have carried on a friendly debate about the … Continue reading

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So I’m “Back” — Greetings from England

Almost five months, now, since my last post. I’ve missed it. A little explanation is in order before I start firing away again. My Dad died in March. I notice that my last post prior to this one was just … Continue reading

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The two most neglected arts of life, deliberately avoided by almost everyone, are: How to be happy being alone How to be happy dealing with evil They are also two of the most critical arts we need in this life. … Continue reading

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