Just out on my other blog, but very relevant to Christians and faith, check it out!

“Lying” on Millard’s Blog

A few excerpts:

When we feel powerless, lying gets really attractive. Lies are like mice. They can freak the problematic elephant out of the frame, forcing it to move rather than solving anything, but eventually they proliferate and overrun the whole scene. You’ve heard of “herding cats” no doubt? No one even contemplates herding mice, and yet managing lies is no less absurd or ultimately futile. What’s more, once they realize that they were tricked by deceptive mice, elephants tend to go on trampling rampages…


Truth not only eventually wins, it’s the only thing real enough to compete in the first place, and there’s no contest. Lies literally aren’t real enough to warrant resistance, because they and their apparent opposition are false, which means they are not even there. Their power is a ruse that consists entirely in their credibility — in being believed — which is one reason why Jesus advised, “Do not resist an evil person.” Their evil is a trick, so resisting it is only to fall for chicanery.


We don’t overcome enemies by eliminating them, but by fixing the noxious, distorting damage to our views inflicted by belief in lies that make others look like enemies. This is the only way to take a position from which we can genuinely love them — which means actually feel love for them — and it raises the more important question: Do we want to love them? In many cases the answer is clearly, “No!” If not, then in some sense we hate them, and only because we believed lies. If so, then where does “evil” actually lie? This is very easy to test. Challenge people or yourself to get to know your “enemies” so-called. Converse with them. Get an understanding of them person to person in real communication. Haters are easy to spot by their adamancy, refusing even to try. Reasons and excuses for refusing to try are just more arguments from ignorance. More bullshit. Lies.

I hope you’ll check it out! 🙂


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2 Responses to Lying

  1. David Brown says:

    Millard..I really do enjoy your little tid bits of wisdom…….you hit the nail on the head every time THANKS..david

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