I got beat down
But I stood up
You criticized my standing up
It was not to your liking
But stand I will

I got stifled
But I spoke up
You criticized my voice
It was not to your liking
But speak I will

I got frightened
But I emerged
You criticized my revealing
It was not to your liking
But shine I will

I got threatened
But I shunned it
You criticized my “defiance”
It was not to your liking
I’m solid

Get used to it


About Millard J. Melnyk

Motley past, promising future exploring an open, potent understanding of mutuality, individual dignity and personal power through trust. DEAUTHORITARIANIZE EVERYTHING!
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2 Responses to Intimidation

  1. I was reading through some posts of yours on Face book in the Philosophy group, and was very taken by your kind, and insightful responses in an otherwise very aggressive group of anti theists that were straight out of the Harris, Hitchens school of discourse…I wont bore you with my prospectives on the matter, though I have posted some of my thoughts in this area on my blog here on wordpress…Im a musician by trade, and passion and work with atheists most every day, and none of us have ever had a problem interacting with one another over the years, and we do have extensive exchanges on the matter of God/no God, though this new wave of “New Atheism” seems to even be effecting us. this saddens me …I just wanted to tell you, your words are a welcomed contribution to my day… Peace my friend

    • Jeff, thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement and the fact that you took the time to express appreciation for what I’m doing! I think we do far too little of that these days. I’m learning that more important than our ideas and accomplishments, deep down we just want to be seen, recognized. Which is often why we try so hard to distinguish ourselves with ideas and accomplishments, lol. Thanks for seeing me. 🙂 And funny thing about it, too: recognizing others is probably the best way to get noticed. People remember being seen. As I will now remember you in a whole new way. Thanks again!

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