So I’m “Back” — Greetings from England

Almost five months, now, since my last post. I’ve missed it.

A little explanation is in order before I start firing away again.

My Dad died in March. I notice that my last post prior to this one was just hours before he had his stroke, the day before he passed. Thanks to all who expressed their sympathies and, if this is news to you, thanks in advance for yours. I’d miss him if he didn’t seem so close. He feels close to me in the same way that my Mom does, the same way that Jesus, my Father in heaven, the Holy Spirit and, more recently, the heavenly hosts do. So, hoping I don’t sound frumpy, I feel like less than the customary amount of sympathy is needed.

If that wasn’t enough: the same week that my Dad died, I fell in love. Not just with any woman, but one who proclaimed herself (with more than a little relish) a witch. Not just any witch, but one who from the outset was unusually vocal about her passion for sex and all things sexual. Still not enough? It turned out that she lives in Bristol, U.K. Her name is Sarah.

Now you know why I’m in England.

I’ll leave the details addressing how, when, why, and the inevitable but spontaneously repressed, “WTF Millard!?!” (after all, there are Christians here, and they don’t ask like that–not audibly anyhow,) until another time.

It’s been quite a ride. One part of it is over. Sarah and I have decided that we are not a couple, but friends. We are in the process of figuring out our friendship. It won’t involve my staying here in England for as long as I originally thought. I plan to return to Seattle via Southern California in time to attend my nephew’s wedding down there in late October.

I look forward to getting back to my family and my friends; very much so. I’m glad I came here. For a while I wasn’t so sure, but I am now. I have a few months to take stock, come to terms, and get going in earnest on the next part of my ride. Like I quip to my boys that God knew only a woman could have gotten me over here. I can’t imagine a universe in which I otherwise would have granted myself permission to leave most everyone I care about 8 hours (time-zone-wise) and more than 5,000 miles behind. Yet, being here is exactly what I needed. I had neither the wisdom nor the courage to take a step like that unprompted–or maybe better put, undriven. Regardless, here I am and glad of it.

As to the getting here and the getting hereafter, I hope to explain and discuss them soon. Divine inspiration or mind fart of sadly bloated proportions? Unusual route, detour, or derailment; I’ll let you be the judge. It’s been very instructive. Until a few days ago, I’d have left it at that; but today, I say it’s been great. That’s how I know I’m finally starting to understand it. I hope you’ll follow along as it gets clearer.

Comments welcome. It’s good to be back.


About Millard J. Melnyk

Motley past, promising future exploring an open, potent understanding of mutuality, individual dignity and personal power through trust. DEAUTHORITARIANIZE EVERYTHING!
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5 Responses to So I’m “Back” — Greetings from England

  1. off2cthewizard says:

    I have so missed your voice!

  2. off2cthewizard says:

    There have been many times for years and years I have had to drop off the radar myself. When I returned I had somehow been made new. You are precious welcome back.

    • Hey Sis, thank you so much! It feels good to be back. I’m going to keep in touch with folks on newsy stuff via old school email, but I can’t find one for you. Could you email me at That is if you wanna get the inside scoop. You already get the inside-the-inside scoop. 😉

  3. s4rahislife says:

    I love you baby.

    And yes everyone, we’re friends! 🙂

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