We Are Not Helpless, Stephen Stills 1970

We Are Not Helpless, Stephen Stills 1970 (click it!)

This is now my personal theme song. It’s a declaration of fealty to children and war on adult stupidity.

When adults learn how to treat children, all the wars will die.

We were all taught in many ways–and most of us believed it–that the first thing adults must do to children is control them.


The first thing that adults need to do for children is create safe, loving, supportive spaces in which they are free to learn and be themselves.

The fears driving adult repression of children are lies, and the repression is abusive.

When adults get a clue and stop abusing children–NOT just stop abusing their bodies, but stop abusing their dignity, their souls–in short order, probably less than two generations, wars will cease, crime will cease, addiction will cease, (especially our death-grip addiction to money,) health will skyrocket, and this world will become unrecognizable to us oldsters, if we are honored and graced so that we live to see it.

I’d say, “Damn the naysayers and everyone who willingly settles for this disgrace!” but they have damned themselves already by obstinately believing, “Thus shall it always be.” They are in for a surprise, but they can still repent: change their minds, turn around, and head in the opposite direction.

We adults were abused. We abuse each other. And we abuse our children. IT MUST STOP.

In not too long it will stop, with or without adult cooperation.

The only question is whether the change will be our vehicle or mow us down.


About Millard J. Melnyk

Motley past, promising future exploring an open, potent understanding of mutuality, individual dignity and personal power through trust. DEAUTHORITARIANIZE EVERYTHING!
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3 Responses to Children

  1. Shers says:

    You are right, Millard, of course. I don’t know if it will STOP, but I absolutely believe in what you’re saying. Also, I love the fact that you feature Steven Stills and the lovely song of his: ‘Teach Your Children Well.’ Cheers

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