The Bible

The belief that the Bible is the word of God suffers from gross negligence of chronological sequence.

Biblical writings were all penned centuries or more before the Bible was canonized. Canonization came after the fact and was not authorized by any writer of Scripture. No one responsible for canonizing the Bible wrote a single word of the Bible.

In other words, even if the writings of the Bible were God’s Word, canonization of the Bible centuries later could not possibly have been authorized by any of those writings, since it had not yet occurred.

The belief that writings in the Bible are God’s word is open to debate, but a logically valid possibility.

The belief that the canonization of the Bible was sanctioned by any writing of Scripture contradicts basic principles of time and causality.


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One Response to The Bible

  1. Shers says:

    Many too have claimed that the works of our beloved Shakespeare – commoner/actor/merchant w/a basic education – are actually penned by the more scholarly Sir Edward Spencer, titled but illegitimate son of Queen Elisabeth not wanting his name sullied by the association with common actors performing his works on the general stage.

    And I also sat through many a BBC docu, where scholarly theologians, cultural anthropologists and classical art historians have discussed ad nauseum the varying lost, omitted scrolls and their claims. Oh, and there’s even the latest claim by a Greek doctor that ‘Asherah’ was the wife of God, worshipped not only by the Cananites but accepted as well, at the time, into Judaic belief systems and practices. (see link:

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