About Me

Me at Stonehenge June 2012

Blustery day at Stonehenge, England

I’m am obsessed with understanding. I drive people crazy. Many have told me that I’m too analytical. True, I love to analyze, but that’s only one of my methods. I also experiment, mostly on myself and often on others. C’mon… Ya know you do it too!

Life is one big experiment. None of us knows how it’s going to turn out. We don’t even know how the next five minutes will turn out, even if we muster all our acumen and power to make it go right instead of left. I decided to stop bucking the inevitable and, for the most part, observe. An amazing thing happens when you stop trying to make things happen and start engaging with them as they are. You start to see what’s there. I’m finding out that I like what I see. I’m also finding out that it’s safer than I thought, and that I’m more powerful than I realized.

I started this blog to work through my spiritual reconstruction with the help of others. My world-view has disintegrated 5 times, and that’s just so far:

  • When I realized my parents and WASP mentality not only couldn’t answer my questions, they didn’t even know what the questions were. So I started preparations to go live in the woods. No joke.
  • When I realized that God exists and became a “born-again Christian.”
  • When I realized that a Mormon friend had every reason for her faith as I did for mine, and started my first spiritual deconstruction.
  • When I got involved in a quasi-cult known as Smith’s Friends and left family and friends behind to move to Seattle.
  • When Smith’s Friends excommunicated me for demanding answers to my questions, and then my wife divorced me because I wouldn’t “humble” myself and “repent.”

The last 18 years have been about surviving, healing, and in the last few, rediscovering God and Jesus, and finally experiencing some of the power I read about in the Bible and elsewhere.

So here I am in all my… well, you let me know what you think. 😉

PS. While you’re at it, check out my other blogs:

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9 Responses to About Me

  1. Anna says:

    Millard. Eric and I went to high school with you. We’re also deconstructed Christians (God works us hard) and ex-culties (okay, when we were in our late teens and twenties, but it still counts) — and at the moment Eric is reading a long intellectual treatise that you posted on your blog: “Controlling the Narrative, Part III.” He loves it….but it’s too deep for me on this Labor Day morning, so here I am, looking for background on you, our new friend.

  2. Hi Anna! Eric and I just connected on Facebook. Are you on there, too? I’d be glad to chat. “Millard Melnyk” is my personal page. I also have a “Millard J Melnyk” for (hopefully) professional stuff as a writer. (Just getting going…) Please friend the one without the middle initial. I’m on it much more often. Thanks!

  3. Anna says:

    Hi back! Not on Facebook. Feels too much like getting one of those “family Christmas letters” 365 days a year. So I’ll have to muddle through with your J page! I’m a writer too (though when I’m on deadline I wish I were anything but). Don’t know much about blogs, though. Am I writing to, like, a thousand people here?

  4. I get you. I’ve got your “household” email address from the blog user info. OK if I reply there?

  5. Anna says:


  6. david brown says:

    Millard…….I have had a very tough week with caring for a very sick wife and daughter and a personal issue with my K of C Council…I’ll share with you later. I have not thrown the towel in on our “threads” and I pray you haven’t either. Will be in touch…LOVE YOUR SITE! God Bless….David

  7. Right now I’m reading “Justice What’s The Right Thing To Do.” Although its about 11 years old today figuring out what to do seems more important than ever because the D.O.J. is showing itself to not be about justice but about protecting predators. I’m not that far into the book yet but for dealing with what we’ve already spoken about, I find this to quote enlightening, “A philosophy untouched by the shadows on the wall can only yield a sterile Utopia.” This means a lot to me, having more than my share of first hand experience with predator sociopaths and the chronic narcissists who adore them. I’m beginning to believe its that sterile Utopia the children of God are trying to prevent. Which is why figuring out how to stop the psychopaths without killing them the way they are enjoying killing us seems so important. Thus far how I’ve been fighting it has been to do public on my own blogs. They are trying to use the courts to take down my only way to make it. Really its a First Amendment issue. I have no idea how its going to turn out, but its nice to see folks such as yourself using the same public medium for reporting that so far cannot be taken away.

    • Psychotropic Recovery, thanks for your comment, and all the best in your work and struggles! I agree about sterile Utopias. Something I’ve not seen anyone recognize is that Utopias don’t fail because they’re too idealistic, sterile, or naive — they fail because they cling to authoritarianism.

      Thomas More’s *Utopia* was as authoritarian as could be. Hoping for good results from authoritarian systems is like trying to bake cakes in the outhouse: no matter how great the recipes, they’re still gonna stink.

      I’m following an insidious strategy that makes it look like I’m just another nut pumping out sterile Utopias: stay so general that I don’t trigger any alarms. In the meantime, get the ideas out there, seeds in people’s minds that will over time start sprouting and making connections with what they see happening. By the time it gets clear to authoritarians that shit’s getting real, there will be too many people in too many circles and the ideas will be too pervasive to use their customary methods.

      You can’t cut the head off the snake when you’re looking at an ant invasion, lol. And although these loopheads pretend to be gods who can exterminate mere ants, they’re just ants themselves with great projection equipment. And all us other ants are figuring it out. Their time is up.

      I’ve already declared that the State is dead — not that my declaration will kill it. I’m just giving voice to what has already happened. When a tree’s roots get past a certain point of damage, the tree is dead, even if it sprouts leaves for a few more seasons. Nothing will resuscitate it. The State has passed that point. That’s a big reason why it’s revealed its true nature as a circus and a farce: it’s going through the dementia just before the shutdown.

      I would have followed you or subscribed to your blog, but couldn’t find a way. I’d like to keep in touch. Feel free to email me: millardjmelnyk@gmail.com.

      Again, all the best! 🙂

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